5 Reasons You Should Have Life Insurance


Sometimes hyped, often overlooked, life insurance is something people are often ambiguous about – be it concerning buying insurance, or being familiar with it. However, unpredictability being an integral part of our everyday lives makes it essential that some sort of security and stability exist, if not for ourselves, for our family at the least. That being said, a number of people still hesitate when it comes to buying insurance: they think investing elsewhere would be a better choice, or see no point for insurance. This is a misconception for the most part, and becoming more familiar with insurance can make you more inclined towards buying one.


  • Insurance helps cover final expenses upon the demise of an individual, therefore not burdening the family financially and adding to their emotional trauma.

  • Insurance can also cover your children’s expenses, primarily their education, through children’s savings plans; in today’s economy, especially, with rising costs of education and living, this gains more importance, becoming almost an imperative.

  • Insurance can also help substitute for a passed spouse’s income, aiding in maintaining the standard of living, and fulfill some basic necessities of life.

  • Perhaps most importantly, insurance can help pay off debts accumulated during the lifetime of the individual, be it to organizations or individuals, without causing additional burdens on the kin.

  • Insurance can also assist in paying off estate taxes; universally steep, it is important that you plan estate taxes in order that they do not encroach upon your assets or retirement funds. Large estates usually make use of insurance for these purposes, being permanent and lasting until the end of one’s life.

It is important, however, that you consider the plan you intend to buy very carefully, and additionally, look into the various plans available: there are a number of organizations offering insurance, and the one most beneficial to you is the one you must opt for.

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