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Bridging Loan

Home Bridging Loan

How can a Bridging Loan help?

If you want to try buy another property while waiting for your current property to sell, a bridging loan could help.

What is a bridging loan about?

You don’t have to sell your property right away in order to buy another. A “bridging loan” could be where a bank or lender provides you with a temporary loan to help you buy another property, while your currently property is awaiting to be sold or settled on.

How do you apply for a bridging loan?

A skilled mortgage broker can help guide you about this. You can contact Just Financial on 021 1583156 , email or send us a message for more information.

How does a bridging loan work?

There are two types of bridging loans.

Open Bridging” is usually where your property has not yet been sold. This type of loan helps you buy another property before selling your existing property.

Closed Bridging” is usually where your property has been sold e.g. under contract and unconditional. And is awaiting settlement.

What happens with a bridging loan?

The bank or lender would typically lend you money to buy the next property whilst awaiting for the prior property to be sold off. This means that you could achieve your goals of moving into your new home the sooner without having to wait to settle on the sale of the old property.

How to apply

The fastest method is to Apply Now – which lets us understand your situation as soon as possible.

However if you’d rather contact us first you can call us on 0211583156 or send us a message.


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