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First home buyers looking for home loan help have come to the right place! Our financial adviser has had years of experience working with many people and families trying to buy their first home.

We can discuss with you:
– How much deposit you might need
– How much your budget might be
– Getting a better deal for your home loan
– What your repayments might be
– How to apply for a home loan

You can also call 0211583156 or send us a message.

Buying your first home

Buying your first home can be a very exciting yet challenging process. You’ll be introduced to a world of learning more about your finances, the type of home you might want, and lots of exciting information!

Working with a good financial adviser and mortgage broker with experience in helping first home buyers is important. It is wise to get the right deal and be confident in knowing you’ll be helped through the process.


Many Kiwis are using their KiwiSaver as their deposit for their first home. The money from your deposit can also come from other places such as your savings account, a gift from family or a friend, money from inheritance, equity from your parent’s home, and more. We can help with this.

KiwiSaver & First Home Buyer Grant

If you want to use KiwiSaver toward your deposit, or get the First Home Grant, we can guide you too.

How to apply?

We have a professional mortgage broker and financial adviser service. Rather than going to the bank yourself, we act between yourself and the bank, providing a valuable service. This guides you through the process, gives you information on what documents to provide, a reliable professional to draw experience on, and be able to see what your different options may be.

It is wise to have these options in place, and get impartial advice from a financial adviser. Our service is accredited with almost every bank and lender in New Zealand, meaning we have many options. No two banks are the same, so you’re often best to talk to a mortgage broker!

Contact us today to discuss how to apply for a home loan and for help through this process.