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“What is the best life insurance” is a question that many New Zealanders ask. Life insurance will pay out money normally when you die or pass away. It is one of the most common types of insurance people take, especially if they own a house or are looking to buy one.

Life insurance is a very sensible type of insurance to get. For example, if your partner or spouse that you own a home with dies, you would normally find it impossible to pay the mortgage and bills by yourself. For most people, the partner or spouse’s death would push them into great financial difficulty and force them to sell the house. It can also mean entering greater debt, bigger financial problems, and possibly the bank forcing you to sell your home.  Without your partner or spouse, you’d normally find it very hard to get money to carry on living – which is why life insurance ia s must.

For a small proportion of your income, life insurance is very sensible. The money from it can be used to pay for the home, mortgage, funeral costs, children, living costs and so forth.


  • We have different insurers to choose from
  • We can discuss special pricing and the best insurer
  • The insurance we can offer is generally much more comprehensive than buying insurance elsewhere or on TV or radio ads

How to get life insurance?

– Our financial adviser has access to almost all major insurers specialising in this area. This means that we can provide you with a ‘one stop shop’, including details of different insurers, comparisons, ratings, recommendations, etc.

– If you have or had medical conditions or accidents, or work particular types of jobs, certain types of insurances may be more challenging to get. Our adviser can discuss with you these matters.

– We can review your insurance and present you with a great option that meets your needs. We have affordable packages, as well as very comprehensive ones for those looking for greater peace of mind and security.

How much life insurance to get?

Many people get a lot of life insurance, it sometimes more economical cheaper to get more than $500,000 of life insurance as well. For a small % of your income, you could be well covered for the event of your partner’s death.

How to apply?

Talk to us today about your situation. You will be presented with the different options by a financial adviser specialising in insurance to look after your situation.