Looking for a New Home? Steps in Creating Your Wish List

During the COVID-19 lockdown period, many New Zealanders had an opportunity to spend time at home. Perhaps, the period (not that we are completely out of the woods) caused you to think twice about your current home.

Are you looking for a new home?

What are the must-have features for the new home?

Whether you want to buy a new home or move to a new rental, we all have a wishlist tucked somewhere in our minds. But is it comprehensive?

We spoke with real estate specialist, Steven Price of L J Hooker Now Realty and here’re some steps to help you come up with a comprehensive wishlist.

Evaluate what’s inside and outside your home and how it affects your life

Start from what is known to the unknown. Don’t just rely on what’s on a flyer or what the salesperson says is good for you. Ask yourself: What’s inside and outside my current home and how does it affect my life? Are you happy with the neighbourhood?

Think about the space in the house, rooms and features. Also, the amenities nearby as well as the  tranquillity and density of the neighbourhood. Do they suit your lifestyle?

Regarding the home features and space, things could have shifted. Perhaps before the lockdown, outdoor space wasn’t such a big deal. But it’s a must-have feature now. Or you would like to have an extra room for your home office or an indoor gym.

If you’re already considering a home or two, Steve reckons that “it is a good idea to drive to the home on different days and times to get a real picture of the neighbourhood, rather than a rose-tinted image on an open home/for rent flyer”

Do some research

Online research will inform you about the housing market and the homes you are interested in. But, as Steve advises, a lot of this information is purely based on black and white numbers and area statistics.” In other words, these are numbers meant to help you make a rational decision.


But we all know when we want to rent or buy a home in New Zealand, emotions matter. Many people feel, then do. They seldom think and do. As Steve notes “A home is a home because of a myriad of personal factors – never underestimate the power of an emotional feeling when choosing a home to call your own. “

So, do your best to stay informed. But also listen to your heart.

Create a checklist from your new home wishlist

Now that you know what you want, pen your wishes in a checklist. Some of the must-have points include safety, affordability, good condition, and a reasonable landlord or property manager if you are renting.

Whether you are looking for a home to rent or you want to buy a new home, your interactions with people matter a lot. From the mortgage broker to the property manager, you don’t want to deal with people who bow down to everything you say. Or people who’ll bully you. As Steve reckons, it’s best to work with “someone who is patient and calm. Someone who is firm but always shows respect to all parties at all times.”

Getting the right salesperson can make looking for a new home so much sweeter

After you’ve come up with the wishlist, consider the salesperson. As Steve advises, “don’t choose a salesperson who has the most listings and most sales at the most successful office as often they are too busy to give personal service. Choose based on your gut, do some research and interview a handful of salespeople to find the person best suited to you.”

Remember, people will affect your experience and sway your decisions. Getting the right salesperson can make the process of buying a home in New Zealand so much sweeter.

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