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“What is the best medical or health insurance” is a common question that people ask. Medical or health insurance generally relates to paying out for costs associated with medical matters such as treatment, diagnosis, surgery, etc.

There are different companies offering this type of insurance in New Zealand. You must be careful as what some companies or plans offer is vastly different from what others provide. It is usually beneficial for a professional adviser to discuss your options with you so that you can get information to understand what you are covered for.

Our adviser can present you with a comparison and one stop shop overview of your different medical insurance options. We have access to many of the country’s top medical insurers including AIA (Previously included Sovereign), Partners Life and nib.


There are different reasons why people might get medical insurance in New Zealand. Unfortunately the public free health system in New Zealand is too slow, meaning you often have to wait many months or years to get treatment. Having private medical insurance can help speed up how fast you can be seen by a professional.

It can also mean you can get a diagnosis for your medical condition faster, rather than waiting months to find out what could be wrong.

How to apply for medical insurance?

Contact us to discuss your situation. Our financial adviser can present to you different options and provide you with the relevant brochures and comparisons. Generally the insurance we can provide is much more comprehensive than what you might normally see online or through a TV or radio advertisement.

For greater peace of mind, it is usually recommended to get medical insurance from a professional financial adviser. Contact us to discuss medical insurance.